1. Hope the vote goes yes just to make English ppl feel bad about themselves lol 😂



  3. 1997 For Wolford Calendar.

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  5. Thomas Tait S/S 2015 backstage por Sophia Aerts ph.

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  6. ' Mokuba Collection '

    Katherine Mavridis por Banjo McLachlan ph.

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  8. pradanedehaan:

    simone rocha ss15


  9. the struggle is real

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  10. Malgosia Bela for Alexander McQueen, s/s 2001

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  11. baby phat spring 2007

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  12. Vivienne Westwood Red Label S/S 2015 at LFW

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  13. fashion rocks is generally regrettable but sometimes there are gems



  15. undftdny:

    every day set the simple goal of trying

    to be more awake and less distracted

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